Micro needling is effective for:

  • Facial lines and wrinkles
  • Acne scarring
  • Chicken pox scars
  • Scars from surgery or injury including keloid and hypertrophic scarring
  • Stretch marks
  • Cellulite
  • Enlarged / visible pores
  • Aging and lax skin
  • Alopecia / Hair-loss


RYSE specializes in skin enhancement for women and men who are struggling with skin issues such as acne, eczema, sun damage, premature aging, hyper-pigmentation (dark patches on skin), and dark circles around eyes.


Once offered exclusively to our celebrity clients, is now available to referred private clients. RYSE offers flawless, skin to you with our VIP service at our Buckhead location. Skin enhancement treatment are customized for maximum results. At RYSE  we help you maintain your flawless look – one that corresponds with your personal celebrity status.


Microneedling stretch marks provides an affordable option to improve the cosmetic appearance, texture and quality of the skin affected by stretch marks.

How does Microneedling reduce stretch marks?
Skin needling stimulates healthy collagen and elastin production in deeper skin layers to repair the damaged areas. The area affected by stretch marks is treated with a dermal pen causing tiny pin point areas of micro damage under the skin. This releases growth factors and stimulates skin fibroblasts:

  • to lay down healthy new collagen
  • induces natural melanin into the damaged areas to even skin tone
  • improves blood supply to the area

Microneedling initiates a natural, progressive repair process in the skin, treating the underlying cause of the stretch marks.


SmoothShapes® is an effective cellulite reduction and treatment option for people with cellulite. SmoothShapes® at our RYSE  MedSpa targets the bumpy appearance of cellulite by restoring enlarged fat cells, resulting in smoother skin. SmoothShapes® also treats the dimpling cellulite by remodeling collagen for tighter, more flexible skin.  Smoothshapes® is an FDA approved device using a combination of a two laser energies, a light, suction, and massage to improve cellulite.

HOW SMOOTHSHAPES® WORKS SmoothShapes® targets the fibrous septae under the skin. The fibrous septae separates the fat under the skin. As the fibrous septae become rigid and inflexible, causes the enlarged fat cells within the fibrous septae to bulge out and giving the appearance of cellulite.  SmoothShapes® uses a combination of two laser energies that help to mobilize the fat out of the fat cell and allow it to be taken up by the body. In addition to the laser energies which melt away some of the fat, it has gentle massage and suction that help stimulate blood flow to the treated areas.

 HOW ABOUT THE TREATMENTS  It takes about 4 treatments on average to begin to see a difference in smooth shapes patients. However, the full result is not apparent until after 8 treatments. We recommend 2 treatments a week for 4 weeks.

 WHAT CAN I EXPECT DURING TREATMENT  No preparation is needed. During the treatment you will feel the massage from the rollers and some mild heat from the laser. Some people experience some redness in the skin of the treatment area which generally fades away soon after treatment. There is no “down time” with SmoothShapes®. This is a non-invasive treatment.

 HOW MUCH DOES IT COST  The cost of SmoothShapes® depends on the package. We have very competitive pricing package.   Check out the RYSE price calculator

Trying to banish cellulite has long been one of women’s struggles. Previous remedies, like caffeinated creams or massage could make bumpy skin look smooth. But the fixes were always temporary because they did little to tackle the structure of cellulite.

Now Cellulaze, a minimally invasive cellulit treatment, is being breathlessly hailed by many as a real solution. Cleared by the FDA with studies demonstrating clinically significant improvement in cellulite after three months.  Cellulaze laser technology attacks all three problems responsible for cellulite: bulging fat, too-thin skin, and the connective tissue that tugs at skin and creates dimples

Targets Fat: The LASER beam faces down to coagulate fatty tissue.

Thermally Subcises Fibrous Septae: The LASER beam faces sideways to subcise the fibrous septae.

Thermal Energy Delivered to Dermis: The LASER beam faces up to thermally stimulate collagen production to thicken the dermis and improve elasticity


What scars can be treated
with Micro-needling?

  • Surgical scars including cosmetic procedure scars
  • Acne Scars
  • Traumatic scars from injuries
  • Skin Graft borders
  • Fibrous burns

How does Microneedling improve facial scars?

The process of microneedling induces collagen production which creates progressive repair and support under depressed scars including acne scars.

A series of treatments is required, and results are generally seen after about 6 weeks, though the new collagen production continues for 12 months after the last treatment.


  • How many treatments are required?  Scar treatment may involve up to 6 treatments spaced monthly. However, even after the first treatment you will notice an improvement in the quality of the skin.
  • Will microneedling help acne?  Microneedling treatment is not suitable where acne is still active – our RYSE aestheticians can advise on alternative treatments such as microdermabrasion and skincare until the acne has resolved.
  • How long will the results last? Some clients achieve a 75-90% improvement in the appearance of scars 12months post treatment
  • Is Microneedling safe for all skin types? Microneedling is safe on Asian and dark skin types.  Low risk of hypo or hyper pigmentation (compared to laser resurfacing)
  • How long is the recovery?  Minimal downtime: 1-2 days